Guè Pequeno

Concept House

Jenny Izaguirre
Growth Operations Manager - Learning and Development @ Shopify

Kerry Murphy
Founder @ The Fabricant

Paul Cook
Sex Pistols

Marky Ramone

Anouk Wipprecht
FashionTech Designer and Engineer

Sallyann Houghton

Sallyann Houghton
Unreal Engine, Business Development Fashion Industry

Jordana Guimaraes
Co-Founder @ Fashinnovation

Marcelo Guimaraes
Founder @ Fashinnovation

Muchaneta Kapfunde
Founding Editor-in-chief @

Ashley Watton
Head of Marketing UK and Ireland @ FOREO

Leonardo Raineri
Innovation Manager @ Miroglio Group

Céline Delaugère
CEO and co-founder @ Eva Engines

Diletta Livi

Diletta Livi
Senior Investment Manager @ Alchimia Investments

Giorgia Asti
Senior Vertical Lead, Fashion & Retail @ Spotify Italia

MArcello Tedeschi
Head of Strategy and Business Development @ Alchimia Investments

Christine Goulay
Global Director, Pangaia B2B @ PANGAIA

Cathy HAckl
VR AR Thought Leader | Top Tech Voice | Author

Marta Waydel-2

Founder @ iKLEID

Sandra Campos
Founder @ Fashion Launchpad

Jacopo Sebastio
Founder and CEO @ Velasca

Angelo Coletta
Founder and CEO @ Zakeke

Kadine James
Creative Technologist @ verizon RYOT

Lucy Wheeler
co-founder @ The Immersive Kind

Lorna Inman
Artist in Residence @ the Immersive Kind

Allan Gregorio
The Immersive Kind Digital Artist

Sam Field

Sam Field
Director of Creative Technology @ RYOT/Verizon media

Damara Inglês

Damara Inglês
Designer of Extended Reality Experiences and Virtual Fashion

futurist and XR artist

Fabio Rovai
Immersive Kind Artist in Residence

Jeffrey Zhang
COO of Revery.AI

Sarah Garner
Founder and CEO @ Retykle

Gina Gulberti
VP Marketing @ Launchmetrics

andrea sasso skinlabo

Andrea Sasso
Director of Business Development @ SKINLABO

Rebecca Morter
Founder and CEO @ Lone Design Club

Michael Toner
CMO @ Threedium

Irene-Marie Seelig
CEO, Co-Founder @ AnamXR

Natalie Johnson
CEO @ Neuno


Joana Lacerda
Director of Impact @ The Power House

Francesca Kennedy
Founder @ Ix Style | Social Entrepreneur

Enara Nazarova
Founder @ ARMOAR

Max Parisi
Radio Freccia

Gabriele Ferrieri
Presidente @ ANGI

Carolina Grassi
PR Manager @ Starting Finance Deal

Roberto sfoglietta
CEO and co-Founder @ Starting Finance Deal

David Clementoni
Founder @ Italian Artisan

Viktoria Kanar
Co-Founder @ Re-Fresh Global

Marina Atarova
Founder @ FASHHACK

Riccardo Schiavotto
Co-founder @ Lanieri

Valerio Giannini
Head Of Retail & Customer Experience @ Lanieri

Elisa Serafini
President and founder @ Forum Economia Innovazione

Mario Parteli
Founder @ Abiby

Giusy Cannone
CEO @ Fashion Technology Accelerator

Aysha Al Romaihi
Head of Strategic Initiatives and Business Collaborations @ Qatar Development Bank

Mao Lin Liao
founder @ REBLIKA - The Character Company

Giusy Bettoni
CEO and Founder @ C.L.A.S.S.

Stefano Galassi
Managing Director @ SBC Global FashionTech

Benedetta de luca
Founder @ Italian Inclusive Fashion® | Model, Influencer

Gabriella Scapicchio
Sindaco @ Le Village by Crédit agricole Milano.

Peter Jeun Ho
Founder @ Beyond Form

Boukar Sall

Boukar Sall
Co-founder and CEO @ Plaiz

Fabio Moioli
Head Consulting and Services @Microsoft

Davide Scafuro
co-founder @ Pink digital rockers

Maria chaira scafuro
co-founder @ Pink digital rockers

Laura Puricelli
Digital Strategy & Innovation consultant, Dress For Good co-founder

Gabriella Sapone
Brand & Retail Director, Italy @ joor

Benedetto Lamacchia
Sales Support Specialist @ appquality

Marco Giannone
CEO e co-founder @ Indaco

Susanna Nicoletti
luxury and fashion expert

Mauro Mastronicola
Founder and creative technologist @ TwinOne

Sonia Tanoh
Co-founder @ The Proper Label

Alex ‘Delz Erinle
CEO and Product Lead @ Thrill Digital

Francesca Manfredi
Founder and Editor in Chief @ The Sustainable Mag

Paola Vinci
Co-Founder and Fashion Director @ The Sustainable Mag

Pam Danziger
Senior Contributor on Luxury, Retail and Affluent Consumers @

Fabrice JONAS
Founder and CEO @ Myfashiontech

Christian Layolle
Head of UK @ The Mills Fabrica

Cyril Bertrand
Creative Director @ De Rigeur Group

Inès Salhi
Start up program director @ Creative Valley

Rebecca Ravenni
International Program Manager @ Creative Valley

Giulia Rinaldo
Strategy and Consulting Manager | Fashion & Luxury Industry @ Accenture

Founder @ VirgoImage

Giorgio Ferrari
CEO and founder @ quo·d

Donatella Lorato
Fashion and Luxury Entrepreneur | Professor and Campus Director @ European School of Economics

Donatella Daniela Acquati

Silvia Pettinicchio
marketing strategist and professor, author, sustainability expert


Nicola Camurri
Client Advisor @ Altavia Italia

Aileen Carville
CEO and Founder @ SKMMP

Piero Puttini
Co-Founder and Head of Business Development @ Renoon

CEO and CTO @ Bigthinx

Adriana Santanocito
CEO @ Ohoskin | presidente del consiglio di amministrazione Sicilbiotech

Alberto Valas

Martina Olbert
Founder and CEO @ Meaning.Global

Giulio Finzi
Managing Partner @ Netcomm NetStyle

Stefania Saviolo
Board member and Lecturer @ Bocconi University

Michele Cesario
Ceo and Founder @ comehome

Andrea Carpineti
CEO and Co-founder @ Future Fashion Solutions

Elena Prestigiovanni
Founder @ Good Sustainable Mood

Emanuele Bianchi
Co-Founder @ R3UNITE

Alessandro Lovisetto
Founder and CEO @ Artknit Studio

Francesca Pievani e Alice Zantedeshi
Founder @ FiliPari


Chengxi Wang
CEO @ Satori

Camilla Olson
CEO @ Savitude

Jacopo Moschini
Founder @ MyChicJungle

Elisabetta Baronio
Sustainability and Responsibility Manager EMEA @ TIMBERLAND

Mathilde Vaddé
Startup Club Manager and co-founder @ Eco Fashion Labels

Manel Subirats

Oskar Metsavaht
Founder @ Osklen and Instituto-E | UNESCO Ambassador for Sustainability

Burak Cakmak
Co-founder @ The Digital Fashion Group

Elle B. Mambetov
Fashion Designer at Elle B Zhou | Author and Activist

Amit Gautam
CEO and founder @ TextileGenesisTM

Giannis Tzortzis
Public Relations @ SUPREME GREEN COTTON®

Aniela Hoitink
CEO and founder @ MycoTEX

Paula Menéndez
Co-founder of ISLA Collective

Rosa D.
Co-founder at Upcyclick

Olga Kotova
Founder of Upcycling Brand Masha With Maria

Ghislain Henno
Founder of upcycling Platform UPCYBOM

Co-Founder, CEO & CTO @ ELSE Corp

Alessio Tommasetti
Architect PHD in Science of rappresentation

Aldo Sollazzo
Founder and Director @ Noumena

Irene Caretti
Product and Fashion Designer

Luca Leonardi
Territorial Innovation Manager RRI Consorzio ARCA

Ilaria La Manna
Architect and Biomaker

Mirta Michilli
Direttore Generale Fondazione Mondo Digitale

Sara Savian
Fashiontech Designer

Mia Vilardo and Riccardo Polidoro
Studio Elitre

Daniela Cattaneo
DamA Academy